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So. I had a bit of a scare.

I love my hair (although that love was a long time coming; more on that later), but back in 2017 it started to fall out. I mean, chunks of hair. It started in the shower, and each week I'd notice more and more coming out every time I washed my hair. My hairline thinned to the point of budding bald spots on the side of my head.

I'm in my mid-twenties, and I come from a family with great hair, so it was one big what the hell moment.

Don't worry: I fixed it! If you are having a scare, or if you're just looking for shiner, healthier hair, here's the deal:

Go to your doctor, woman

First off, as always, I am not a doctor. I only shares what's worked for me in hopes that it works for you, too!

That said...

Get your yearly check-ups. Routine physicals and blood work will help spot any issues (for anything related to your beauty) before they become a problem.

I thought multiple factors were causing hair-loss, including stress, some sneaky snacking habits, or maybe even a problem with my thyroid. I got the blood work done, and guess what my issue was? A lack of vitamin D.  

Yep. Turns out, vitamin D is mega important for skin and hair, and for someone who works and writes inside almost all of the time, my levels were so low they were alarming. Thus-the hair. It was falling out.

My doctor put me on a prescribed vitamin D regimen that kickstarted the healing process, and within six months my hair returned to normal.

If your vitamin D levels are fine, but you still want to up the amp of your hair, then you still might want to consider a supplement. Vitamin D doesn't have to be prescribed: it can also be taken daily in moderation. In fact, according to Ritual, vitamin D3 is one of the nine lacking nutrients that most women need.

I was on my doctor's dose of vitamin D for about two months. Afterwards, she instructed me to move to a daily supplement of around 2,000 IUs of over-the-counter vitamin D3. I turned to HUM's Here Comes the Sun Vitamin D3 at that dosage.

I paired this with Ritual's multivitamin for women, which contains an additional 2,000 IUs of vitamin D. I felt great, and my hair was growing like one of those troll doll babies (Anyone? Just me?).

I did my research and found that it was okay to up the level of your vitamin D. According to Healthline, between 1,000 and 4,000 IUs of vitamin D should be taken daily. I chose the upper level since I do not go out in the sun, but 2,000 seems to be a good landmark for most women.

For those looking for a boost in their vitamin D intake, I'd recommend HUM's Here Comes the Sun. A thirty day supply is $10. You can check them out here.

Great! We're all done!

Not exactly. My vitamin D supplement definitely did and continues to do its job, but I don't think I would have recovered as fast as I had without the help of some friends.

If vitamin D isn't your thing, and/or if you're struggling with thinning or breaking hair, or just looking to better your hair, here are a couple of more superheroes to consider: 

Let's Talk About Ritual

Ritual is a women's multivitamin that contains nine essential nutrients that most women lack. Ritual backs their vitamins by science and research (I mean, everyone should, so I guess this isn't very special). They take this a step further with their transparency: you can see the source and research of each ingredient in your multivitamin on their website.

I appreciate the lack of filler vitamins. I'm the type of person who just wants what my body needs. I don't want to stuff myself with a bunch of other crap that's just going to be wasted.

Ritual sticks to its essential nine, which supports overall female health. Many of its nutrients, including iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin E, also support hair health. It also, again, has that 2,000 IUs of vitamin D3.

Pop two a day, and you're all set. I used this multivitamin in conjunction with my vitamin D3 supplement to support the other areas of my hair's health that could be lacking.

Ritual is a good option if you don't want to take a separate vitamin D supplement and want to support the overall health of your body (and your beauty).

A 30 day supply of Ritual is $30. You can sign up for automatic payments, but if you need more time between shipments, you can hit their snooze button and delay your next charge for up to four weeks. You can check out Ritual here.

Hair, sweet hair

Yet another HUM supplement, and hands-down my favorite. Hair Sweet Hair contains hair loving ingredients such as biotin, whose deficiency can cause impaired hair growth, and folic acid, which supports tissue growth and cell function. 

It comes in a sweet-tasting little fruit gummy that's shaped like a heart (aw). I take two a day in the morning. 

I started taking these a few weeks after I started taking vitamin D, and I absolutely think they helped. By the second week of taking these (in conjunction with my vitamin D) I saw little baby hairs sprouting where my hairline was previously thinning. Hell, yes

This is a great option if, again, your vitamin D levels are fine. These are also great if you want something more concentrated. Unlike Ritual, these supplements are focused solely on your hair.

What I love about HUM is what I love about Ritual: they're transparent about their ingredients and provide their product's backup science right there on their website.

HUM sustainably sources all of their ingredients, and most of their products are vegetarian. They even provide nutritionists if you need extra help figuring out which supplement is right for you.

A 30 day supply of Hair Sweet Hair is $20. You can check it out here.

Do you need all three supplements?

If you're hair is falling out, absolutely get a screening with your doctor. No excuses. If your doctor finds you have a vitamin D deficiency, then you'll probably need to take a prescription supplement to increase your vitamin D levels. Otherwise, your doctor may find it's something else that's causing your hair loss.

For those of us who are just looking for stronger, healthier hair, I would so, so recommend Ritual and HUM.

I feel my hair would not have come back the way it did without the help of these two supplements, and I still take them everyday. Do you need all three? Nope. Even including just one in your life may make a difference. It's personal preference: what makes the most sense for your life?

HUM offers a $10 discount for first time orders (I believe it may be orders over $25 or so), and Ritual offers free standard shipping. 

As always, you should consult your doctor or provider before starting a new supplement regimen.



Do you take hair supplements? What are your best tips for stronger hair?



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