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8 ways to get organized today

If you've read 5 Reasons Organization Is Beautiful, then you know that getting organized is key to a successful and productive life (not to mention lower stress). If you've come here from my Minimalist Pinterest board (one of my most popular), then this post is for you, too.

8 things to do on valentine's day when you're single af

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and the world will be filled with chocolate, roses, sexy times, a few heartbreaks, and probably copious amounts of Fifty Shades of Grey. There's a lot of singles in the world who might feel the brunt of their singleness on this romantic day.

the one exfoliating serum you freaking need

Have you had issues with finding a quality, potent exfoliating serum that doesn't break your face? Have you been searching for a way to give yourself a dewy, smooth complexion?Are you ready for the best exfoliating serum I am now worshipping? 

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